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WhatsApp : Find Solutions To Track Fake News


The government seems to be extremely serious when it comes to regulating the operational method of International technology platforms. Besides, it has become more determined to stop the dissemination of fake news through India’s most popular chat platform WhatsAppIndia has told WhatsApp that the popular messaging service company ought to set up a local entity within the country, appoint a grievance officer, and come up with solutions to trace the origin of fake news.

Prasad aforesaid the WhatsApp chief operating officer had command out assurances about a grievance system for India and had additionally promised to work on technology to check the origin of fake messages. As Daniels had also shared issues concerning payment services that Facebook-owned WhatsApp planned to launch. He said as the Ministry of IT had already flagged its concern that the location of financial data in India to the RBI.

Therefore, Prasad also suggested three points. WhatsApp should have a grievance officer in India; the corporate should be compliant with Indian laws; and third, since WhatsApp is turning into a vital role in India’s digital story, it should have a correct company entity settled in India. As the Indian government wouldn’t appreciate a situation wherein any drawback or reason is “answerable to America only”. I have been assured that all these three things will be followed.
“The RBI is working on the guidelines and Daniels has assured me (that) WhatsApp will comply with whatever guidelines RBI comes out with,” he said.

Briefing this to the media after meeting with WhatsApp’s Chief executive Chris Daniels, Minister for electronics and IT, Ravi Shankar Prasad, aforesaid the corporate was conjointly asked to search out solutions to the challenge of messages that provoke crimes like mob-lynching and revenge porn. And Daniels is probably going to meet different government and business officers throughout his stay within the country.

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