Web Application Security Assessment

The web application security assessment is performed on both internally as well as an externally accessible web application. The web application, either “out-of-the-box” or custom created, is going to be reviewed for the foremost common and important vulnerabilities best-known nowadays, that based on sources like the Verizon information Breach Investigation Report (VDBIR) and therefore the OWASP top 10.

Web application security testing is always among the most important for Businesses and firms. Therefore, we’ve got some Specific checks during a web application security assessment embrace the following:

  1. Authorization Testing
  2. Session Management Testing
  3. Data Validation Testing
  4. Error Handling & Cryptography
  5. Business Logic Testing
  6. Password Resets & have good strength
  7. Account and session controls
  8. Proper permissions with right access controls

Our service provides the client with a report that’s comprehensive, clear and concise. The report is intended to produce data for a diverse audience of readers. The report delivers as follows:

Executive Outline  – The opening section of the report provides, in plain English an executive outline overview of the whole assessment together with recommendations to enhance the safety posture of the in-scope surroundings.

Graphical Outline  – The Key findings are ranked, split into 3 impact classes and positioned in an exceedingly graphical table consistent with the relative risk or likelihood of exploit.

Security Evaluation by Categories  – In this service, the comparison data collected throughout the course of the engagement to best in class criteria for the security standards. an evaluation of “Excellent”, “Satisfactory”, or “Improvement Required” is provided. every category includes a best observe statement, analysis result, and recommendation to attain best practice.

Vulnerability Analysis – The vulnerability analysis section provides a close description of every discovered flaw as well as any necessary technical data and corrective recommendations.

Exploitation Probability – every listed vulnerability is allotted a “Probability” rating primarily based upon how possible the vulnerability is to be exploited.