Mobile Application Security Assessment


Smartphones have not only changed how we tend to conduct business and interact with individuals but conjointly how we want to protect our business and users. Mobile apps are a necessary and convenient way to interact with others, but they introduce a further means that through that attackers will gain access to your business’s sensitive information and network infrastructure.

Our Mobile Application Security Assessment is intended for all mobiles OS such as Android, iOS, Windows and many other names are there. Our specialists examine your essential business security areas and review your applications. These applications bring a unique challenge to data security in that a single application could contain web services, embedded browsers, and native code parts. There are risks specific to applications exploitation of mobile devices that are completely different from web application environments.

The Mobile Application Security Assessment employs a combination of business tools, property right utilities, and manual testing techniques which is based on our experienced team to provide the foremost thorough assessment potential. in addition, our mobile app security assessment includes a penetration check to see if the protecting controls of the target will be bypassed. Our mobile app security testing covers the whole mobile app environment, from the app running on the device to the back-end APIs and servers that facilitate the app and store information associated with the app.

We provide detailed procedures to reproduce the finding, as well as detailed remedy guidance. using this information, you’ll be able to enhance and strengthen your mobile security posture.

Benefits which you get from us for Mobile Application Security Assessment:

1. Complete mobile app coverage
2. SDLC integration
3. Verified, actionable results
4. Access to a team of security experts
5. We also offer actionable guidance to enhance your mobile application, network and information from attacks.