Source Code Review Services India

We offer Source Code Review & analysis services in India, Africa, UAE, Middle East, Europe, Singapore, Europe, Riyadh & more countries.

A security source code review assesses the security of an application and Software by examining the source code. It looks for Security Loop Holes, Bugs that may have been planted and overlooked during Application and software development.

By evaluating each layer of the application, the development process, and the developers themselves, Our Team can identify critical flaws, can determine the root cause of such flaws and can construct cost-effective recommendations for remediation.

Sometimes, certain Application and Software may contain vulnerabilities which can aid attackers to extract vital information and may lead to loss of intellectual property & Secure Data. Reviewing Source Code helps to verify the implementation of key security controls. It also looks for design flaws and discovers hidden vulnerabilities in any application and software.

Source code analysis not only distinguishes which proclamation on which line of code is helpless but at the same time can recognize the polluted variable that represents the vulnerability.
Along these lines, it represents the spread of the underlying driver, to the final product. This furnishes application developers with a conclusion to end outline of each example of vulnerability, enabling them to rapidly comprehend the idea of the issue. Also, check the source code analysis tool.