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Google Turn 20 – Marching towards Cloud Leadership


Google, On 27th September 2018 has turned 20 years. What started as an inquiry project, has changed into a info that covers over ninety % of search on the net.

Google began as an inquiry project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, each student of the university. the 2 of them visualized a much better system that analyzed the relationships among websites.

The pair went on the far side merely enumeration the quantity of times keywords were used, developing the package that took under consideration factors reminiscent of relationships between web pages to assist verify wherever they ought to rank in search results.
Google was launched in Sept 1998 in an exceedingly garage rented within the Northern CA town of Menlo Park. The name could be a play on the mathematical term “googol,” that refers to the number 1 followed by one hundred zeros.

Google has full-grown larger over the years. The search choices square measure currently on the market in additional than one hundred fifty languages and over a hundred ninety countries-Google remains dedicated to assembling merchandise for everybody. At the top of the video, that is certain to create anybody homesick,

Google has created its place within the world and extremely few will argue its importance in our daily lives. such a lot so the word ‘Google’ has become substitutable with searching for things on the net.

In August 2004, Google went public on the stock exchange with shares priced at $85. Shares
in the multi-billion-dollar company square measure currently commerce higher than $1,000.

While standard search engines stratified results by enumeration what percentage times the search terms appeared on the page, the 2 theorized a few higher system that analyzed the relationships among websites.

Google celebrated its 15-year day of remembrance on Sept twenty-seven, 2013, Associate in Nursing in 2016 it celebrated its eighteenth birthday with an animated Doodle shown on internet browsers around the world. It has used different dates for its official birthday and therefore the reason for the selection of Sept twenty-seven remains unclear.

Google and YouTube
In India, YouTube has 225 million users. Even at this scale our watch time, that is that the variety of hours of content consumed per day, is growing at over a one hundred percent. So, the Indian user’s appetency for online video is unsatiable. we’ve got ne’er seen something find it irresistible within the history of online video anyplace within the world. it’s beautifully exciting. And if you verify the reach of YouTube in underground India in terms of distinctive million guests per day, it’s fifty percent quite the biggest tv network in India. The video is huge and it’s growing by the minute. The inflection purpose extremely happened with the value of knowledge changing into more cost-effective.

Google thanks to its viewers in varied completely different languages. After all, we tend to square measure all united and drawn nearer by Google.

We Congratulate Google Team and Mr Sundar Pichai on 20th Birthday of Google and Hope it will grow its Cloud much faster!