Network & Wireless Assessment

The Network Assessment is an analysis of your firms existing IT infrastructure, management, safety & security, and performance to recognize the opportunities for the better improvement and acquire a complete view of your IT. This helps you create a lot of informed and strategic business decisions.

Our skilled team will review your entire networking environment and collaborate with you to develop a custom-tailored network solution that fits your technical requirements, as well as your budgetary constraints. Expanding your network capabilities is also done well exploitation wireless networks, but it should also be a source of harm to your information system. We have the team of expert technicians can review your network and verify whether or not your infrastructure can support these new technologies. They’ll additionally discover any bottlenecks preventing your network from running at peak performance. once the analysis, a report can tell you what steps you’ll go to improving your network’s performance.

Therefore, Wireless security is usually also overlooked as organizations check and secure their environments. Flaws in the company or guest wireless implementations can place internal resources or guest clients at risk. The Wireless Assessment provides you the documents and coverage for fast and trustworthy network design of wireless access points for satisfactory reportage. We have the wireless certified and experienced professionals that can make you understand your wireless challenges and provides the best solutions to satisfy your needs.

The assessment shows whether the attacker can access and approach the wireless network as well as whether this access will be leveraging to get any sensitive and delicate information.

Our Network Assessments embrace, however, isn’t limited to:

  1. Analysis of network design and configurations
  2. Review and documentation of network topology
  3. Documentation of all network hardware
  4. Analysis of network traffic & performance
  5. Network optimization, wherever applicable
  6. Comprehensive reportage of all results and suggestions