IT Infrastructure Audit

IT Infrastructure Audit – Our mission is to provide help your company get through the audit processwith a practical, valuable analysis thus you’ll be able to create valuable changes to your organization if necessary. Our audit will be fully custom-built to handle the areas of concern for your business. We are a good fit for organizations that need to know the reality regarding their IT infrastructure as a result of we will check your entire infrastructure and provides you a correct assessment of your organization.

An infrastructure audit is to judge the system’s internal control design and effectiveness against relevant standards and best practices. Our audit services take organized and in order approach in giving the end to end support of correct & proper understanding of the customer’s needs and expectation. The main task of infrastructure audit is to extend the effectiveness of the present project by performing elaborated, intricate analysis of all its parts from the hardware to the application source code. We will sort out and supply you with a technique for further development of your infrastructure which can take into consideration the dynamics of your website’s growth.

An infrastructure audit identifies risks to the business in the variety of key areas including business continuity, security, and measurability for growth. Therefore, the reasons for performing an infrastructure audit are:

1. To ensure that the physical and virtual servers are configured as per trade best practice;     confirming reliableness and security.
2. To identify hardware bottlenecks that are impacting on business productivity
3. To obtain a list of infrastructure hardware assets and guarantee a valid warranty is in place
4. To validate the disaster & recovery method
5. To identify security risks among the network

Our team can enlighten you to the strengths and weaknesses of your infrastructure. Our well-skilled professionals have a various knowledge base and can facilitate guide you into the future of your information systems by performing an Infrastructure Audit.