Network Security Audit

How well secure is your company’s network? If it doesn’t have strong security settings, you’ll lose the necessary information. An information loss might impact your business in a very negative manner. The most effective way to make sure that your company’s network is in good condition is to perform a network security audit.

By doing a network security audit, it’ll be simple for you to check where components of your system don’t seem to be as safe as they may be. It’s a perfect way to learn where you must focus to make sure security.

We provide the best in Security Audits. As a part of our mission to assist you to succeed in your goals, we tend to customize every and each audit that we have a tendency to do to best suit the requirements of the individual organization. We concentrate on your goals and desires first, before we run even a single check. Once we tend to verify your desires, we tend to tailor our tests and ways around your goals. As with every one of our services, when our testing and auditing is completed, we’ll give you with a custom-made report, during which we’ll detail any problems that we discover, and how we advise going regarding and fixing them. All data we discover is confidential and can be destroyed when our report is given.

Audit Recommendations:
1. Network architecture &design as per best practices
2. Cabling standards and routing
3. Network equipment safe placement Active & Passive (wired & wireless) elements maintenance
4. High-availability setup for least period of time
5. A possible resolution of network performance problems

Thus, Network security audits and assessments are an integral part of maintaining a healthy and safe network. This can be now not merely the domain of the big corporation. Most small businesses incorporate an audit into their procedures a minimum of once per year.