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Beware from Momo challenge On Social Media?


Almost a year when the Blue Whale Challenge allegedly led to a number of suicides among teenagers across the world.
‘Momo’ is a new social media account on famous & well-known platforms that use a picture of a doll with monstrous features like massive eyes with a wide mouth to induce curiosity among youngsters, the report added. The artwork known as “Mother Bird” by Link factory is inspired by the work of a Japanese creator Midori Hayashi, who has no association with the challenge, according to officials.
This new game challenge is known as “Momo challenge” which is a suicide-inducing game being popular on WhatsApp where a disturbing image of a sculpture is being forwarded with many instructions for the teenagers to display extreme behavior in the kind of a challenge.

Firstly, this Momo Challenge started on Facebook by giving a challenged in which an individual has to communicate with an unknown number. It allegedly involves challenges that encourage youngsters to have interaction during a series of violent acts that end with suicide. As the initial contact is established with a user, after that several challenges and activities are sent by the Momo account that has to be completed to meet ‘Momo and If the individual refuses to follow the game instructions, then Momo threatens them with violent pictures. As the account seems to be connected with 3 numbers in Japan, Mexico, and Columbia.

This Momo challenge, viral on social media platforms, particularly on WhatsApp is allegedly connected to the death of a 12-year-old girl in Argentina, the Buenos Aires Times reported. The Argentina Police linkup the death of a 12-year-old to the momo challenge. As the girl recorded her activities immediately before the suicide on her phone. Authorities suspect somebody encouraged her to take her own life, the Buenos Aires Times reported. The officials are looking for the “adolescent with whom she exchanged those messages” and have issued a warning to the parents to observe the browsing activity of their youngsters.

As youngsters are deceived easily due to the lack of composure and knowledge at their age, that is sort of natural and hence, they’re quite vulnerable. Therefore, it’s the responsibility of parents that they ought to keep a vigil and constant eye on their children’s activities and try to talk to your child regarding these games and allow them to understand why these games are unworthy & dangerous to even indulge into. For instance, facebook messenger and different messengers can also be used as an access medium to target on your youngsters. So, try and make sure that your kid is chatting and talking with individuals known to you and any unknown contacts are traced to rule out any such possibilities.

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