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An initiative by TRAI for Personal Data


Are you suffering from pesky anonymous calls in India ? don’t know how your Mobile number and personal data like DOB and address are floating around ?

Nowadays in India, rules and regulation for the protection of personal data don’t seem to be sufficient for everyone. The regulator TRAI aforesaid while suggesting that consumers incline the correct to decide on and to be forgotten to safeguard their privacy.

Users of telecom services rarely know how abundant personal data they’re sharing, and how valuable that may be for a host of corporations and that is a problem. TRAI in a very set of recommendations to the department of telecom on data privacy aforesaid the existing framework for the protection of personal data and information of telecom consumers wasn’t enough.

Till such time a general data protection law is notified by the govt, the existing rules/ license conditions applicable to TSPs for protection of users’ privacy be made applicable to all the entities within the digital ecosystem.Sharing of information regarding data security breaches ought to be inspired and incentivized to prevent/mitigate such occurrences in the future.

The recommendations from TRAI come back at a time when there are rising concerns regarding privacy and safety of user information, particularly through mobile apps and social media platforms.

And therefore, this is one of the conclusions came across that the increased sensitivity towards the data protection and privacy, we tend to are in support of trai’s rules for the protection of personal data.

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