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India Catching Up On Anti Bribery Law


The anti-bribery and anti-corruption act as a serious threat to the sustained economic progress of developing and rising economies. bribery and corruption stay an enormous concern.

India has the anti-corruption legislation like the prevention of Corruption Act (“PC Act”) 1988, Prevention of money laundering Act, 2002, and therefore the Central Vigilance Act, 2003 to name some. Therefore, India has taken several new initiatives towards the corruption together with the amendments planned to the Proposed amendments as per pc Amendment Bill 2013 and suggestions of committee and Law Commission on Bill. These amendments have an offense of giving a bribe to a public official for achieving a business benefit and a strict liability for management participation in company offending, may impact non-public and public sector alike.

India and therefore the united states share a standard goal of fighting corruption, whether or not within the public or non-public sectors. each country has experienced too several instances of individuals taking advantage of their public or non-public positions to enrich themselves. In response to those considerations, anti‐corruption efforts within the U.S. and India are at an all‐time high, as is coordination among the U.S., India, and lots of different countries fighting corruption.

Corporate India is currently slowly taking steps in the right direction in principle however still not investing enough in practice. a good compliance set up would ideally include over simply a rise in budget allotted. it might involve the establishment of leading global practices, policies and procedures. it might conjointly concentrate on providing appropriate training sessions to sensitize staff across the board regarding the importance of complying with relevant laws.

What makes it imperative for India to possess an anti-bribery and corruption compliance program?

It helps to set the “tone at the top” and drive the proper culture in a very company.
The corporation has taken the good step in setting up the adequate procedures for anti-bribery and corruption programs.
It provides steering in terms of initiating and implementing a system that has to be followed and measurable benchmarks to be achieved.
Putting in place such a program makes it simple for the management to observe its effectiveness by using a list.
A centralized compliance program can address the risks related to numerous business units and merchandise, give stakeholders with relevant insights and change them to require preventive actions at the correct time.
The implementation for increasing day-by-day anti-corruption compliance program against defensive due to a violation of anti-corruption legislation.

Therefore, this report explores the importance of bribery and corruption management in India and highlights key aspects of such a compliance program. While India marches towards higher governance measures, it’s vital for firms to be proactive, keeping in mind the worldwide legal and business landscape that makes them prone to bribery and corruption.
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