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GDPR Impact on FB Advertisement Revenue


Last Night, we have seen the loss of around $119 billion in FB, as its stock price plummeted by around 19 percent, largest one-day loss in market value by any company in U.S. stock market history.

It could be due to Rollout of new European privacy law on 25th May 2018 GDPR in Europe for Personal Data Privacy, as FB is working hard on improving security controls and its Key advertising Market of EU is down due to Data privacy GDPR.

“As I’ve said on past calls, we’re investing so much insecurity that it will significantly impact our profitability,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook’s monthly active users were up 11 percent year-on-year, growth had fallen flat in the US and Europe, its key advertising markets. Europe’s fall was partly down to the rollout of GDPR, FB told investors.

As per my recommendation, it could be the temporary dip in the share price of Facebook, in coming days we can see the pullback in NASDAQ:FB stock and it can touch $200 mack again.

After Facebook failed to meet the revenue expectations can we see the similar trend with other like Google ? as google advertisement revenue can be impacted due to this law.

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