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Xiaomi to Migrate its Data Center in India


Data Localisation – The Chinese smartphone maker declared on August 31 that it’d be migrating all the user data of Indian customers to cloud infrastructure primarily based within the country. Xiaomi can move all the existing user data to cloud services provided by Amazon (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft (Azure) by the end of 2018.

Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, have already got cloud infrastructure in India. Moving all user data to those services primarily based in India would improve the access speed for customers. That’s not all though, as this move also will improve the safety and privacy of all user data.

Manu Jain, managing director, Xiaomi India foresaid that at Xiaomi the data privacy and security are of utmost importance to us. Once the migration is completed, users can notice a rise in speed once accessing the Xiaomi services. We are taking an extra step towards user data security and privacy by bringing our cloud services to India for all native data wants. As Xiaomi, ranked India’s top smartphone maker by IDC, aforesaid all-new Indian user data was being kept on native servers. This can cover all Indian user information across the Xiaomi e-commerce platform, Mi Community, Mi Cloud, MIUI and Mi TV.

As Xiaomi’s move comes as India increasingly sees information localization could be a critical part of governance. The reserve bank of India (RBI) needs data associated with payment systems stored within the country. The recent report on data protection by the BN Srikrishna committee advised that information fiduciaries ought to guarantee data is reflected locally.

Xiaomi’s move reflected the importance of the Indian market, the world’s second largest after China. As data localization is turning into a vital part of governance in India. That is the reason why RBI has notified that information pertaining to payment systems should be settled within India. So, if we glance at the country of 1.3 billion individuals, and you would like to possess access to its market, it makes logical sense to store your information within India. It’ll also give an efficient remedy to individuals affected by breaches underneath Indian laws.
Therefore, All new Indian user information since 1 July is already being kept in local servers and all existing user information on are going to be totally migrated to servers in India by mid-September 2018.

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