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Brazil General Data Privacy Law GDPR aka LGPD


The new General Data Privacy Law (Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados Pessoais or “LGPD”) (English translation), giving Brazilian citizens a lot of management over their personal information than ever before. On August 14, Brazilian President Michel Temer signed into privacy protection law.

This new law can enter into force in February 2020 and can apply to anyone collection and creating use of the private data of Brazilian residents. This new law grants people with bound rights relating to their personal information, including, among others, the correct to erasure, the correct to receive the private information, and also the right to information portability.

The Brazilian General Data Protection Act (LGPD) considerably will increase the protection provided to private data by imposing numerous rules and obligations on businesses and corporations that create use of such data. Thus, it’s going to conjointly apply to Israeli corporations doing business in Brazil.
As Brazil isn’t the sole country taking steps following the world trend of privacy legislation. India has recently released its 1st draft of personal data legislation – the personal data Protection Bill, 2018. This bill outlines necessities and limitations like those within the GDPA relating to the collection and process of private information. It conjointly imposes fines and sets out information subjects’ rights. The bill can likewise apply to foreign entities that have a business connection to India, or that keep on any activity involving identification or people in India.

One of the key components of the GDPA needs corporations to update their privacy policies and terms of use so as to reflect and go with the GDPA provisions. additionally, underneath this law, corporations should appoint an information protection officer. The GDPA imposes a fine of up to twenty of the company’s turnover within the preceding fiscal year, just in case of an infringement of a GDPA provision. Fines underneath the GDPA are restricted to a maximum of BRL 50,000,000 per every infringement.

Therefore, it might be wise for businesses and corporations that create use of private information, anyplace within the world, to make sure that their operations and activities are consistent with applicable legislation, primarily that of the jurisdiction within which the relevant information subjects reside. Failure to arrange oneself to the shifting environment of privacy and information protection is probably going to own very negative consequences. Thus, the law goes into result eighteen months when signing, giving corporations till 2020 to bring their data processing practices into compliance.

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